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About Us

MISSION: Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community

In Bridgeport, a large majority of urban youth lack even one caring adult in their life, leading directly to increased dropout rates, unemployment, crime, and other roadblocks to their success. Elevate has proven effective in changing these trends and transforming the lives of our nation’s youth.  Elevate Bridgeport is launching using the same model that has been successful across the U.S. to help change the outcomes for students in our city.

Elevate Bridgeport's History

2019 | Early Years

Preliminary discussions started with city leaders about starting an Elevate affiliate in Bridgeport.

2020 | Formation

Elevate Bridgeport is in the process of building a founding board of directors in order to raise startup funds and hire an Executive Director.

Dec. 2021 | Community Launch

Elevate Bridgeport hired two Teacher-Mentors to begin working in the community with students.

Jan. 2022 | School Launch

Started teaching accredited classes on character building and life skills to 89 students at Bridge Academy.

Oct. 2022 | School Launch

Started teaching classes on life skills and character building to 15 students at Bassick High School's extended day credit recovery program.

April 2023 | School Launch

Little Elevate 1- Bridgeport launched its cross-age mentoring program at Waltersville School.

Sept. 2023 | School Launch

Implemented the Elevate model to 56 high school students at Bassick High School teaching accredited classes on life skills and character qualities.

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